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Reviews for Macnamara Chiropractic

We welcome you to read through the incredible experiences some of our patients have had. Our friendly, welcoming team looks forward to meeting you and discovering what we can do to help you!

  • Overall great experience.

    -Todd S.
  • Friendly, personable and caring professional, both up front and it the treatment room! Thanks, I am looking forward to feeling whole again!

    -Linda D.
  • Great experience so far!

    -Sara W.
  • Great chiropractor . Very comforting and the staff are great!

    -Lynn S.
  • I was so grateful to be seen so quickly. I was in pain and really needed help. Everyone is very caring and concerned for your problems.

    -Mary Jane B.
  • I went from 10 percent mobile to 90 percent in two visits!

    -Benjamin W.
  • Very friendly and professional. I would recommend this chiropractor to anyone.

    -Jennifer S.
  • My neck felt better after the first visit.

    -Virginia M.
  • So happy to have come to Macnamara Chiropractic. I already feel hope to a better well-being. Thank you.

    -Christine S.
  • All good. Have been to many around the US and this was a very good experience!

    -Michael B.
  • Would highly recommend Dr.  Macnamara to anyone that needs chiropractic care.

    -Wakely E.
  • Dr. Macnamara knew exactly where the problem is and went right to work on it. He is professional and office staff is helpful and caring.

    -Eileen Q.
  • I  highly recommend Macnamara Chiropractic

    -Jeffrey B.
  • Looking forward to my next visit!

    -Amy K.
  • Liked the informative information I received and that Dr. could come up with a treatment plan that made me feel comfortable. Got my first appointment so quickly. Was nervous going for my first appointment ever with a chiropractor but was put at ease quickly and everything was fully explained. Scheduling is so accommodating. Wonderful experience! 

    -Marie C.

I Feel Like Me Again

I think it took 5 visits and I kept getting better and better. You are my hero. I feel like me again.

~Amy B.

Very Thankful

Very very happy. Felt a little relief after just my first adjustment. Something causing symptoms that many many doctors haven’t been able to figure out! Very thankful I found Dr. Macnamara!

~Sam C.

A Positive Experience

I left my first appointment with Dr. Mac feeling immediate relief. He asks pointed Qs, listens clearly to the answers, and explains thoroughly his assessment and treatment plan. He and Emily present a relaxed, comfortable office environment.

~Luanne S.


I was both surprised and impressed with the explanation of what could be done for me.
- Stephanie C.

Very Professional

Very professional. First time seeking such treatment. Everything progressed just as the doctor said it would. Sound’s a little cliche’, but the staff makes you feel like an old friend and I left feeling the same way.

~Gerard S.

Absolute Amazement

Chiropractic always made me nervous. I wasn’t fully comfortable when sitting down (both physically and mentally) However, the visit was not only quick, it was informative. And the result of which was absolute amazement. Couldn’t be happier Thanks, Dr. Macnamara!

~Christopher F.

Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the care, kindness and expertise. The office location is ideal and the appointment availability and flexibility truly make scheduling hassle free. Thank you!

~Abi T.

Appreciate The Knowledge

Many of my immediate family and extended family members have been seen here for many years. The listening, information and guidance has been extremely helpful over the years. We appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the practice.

~Jennifer A.

Able To Walk Again

I just want to say thank you so much for scheduling me so quickly I was in a lot of pain and within 1 week I was able to start walking and working.

~ Brian B.


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